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MCH-MRN Resources

Thank you for visiting our resources page. Below are resources and documents, created by CAHMI staff and MRN members, related to MCH and work done within the network.

What We Are Reading This Month/ Featured Resources from MRN monthly newsletters

The Welch Emotional Connection Screen: validation of a brief mother–infant relational health screen (June 2019 Newsletter)

Assessing Biobehavioural Self-Regulation and Coregulation in Early Childhood: The Parent-Child Challenge Task (June 2019 Newsletter)

A Missed Opportunity to Address a National Shame. The Case of Sickle Cell Disease in the United States (July 2019 Newsletter)

Primary Health Care, Potential Home for Family-Focused Preventive Interventions (July 2019 Newsletter)

A Systematic Review of Trials to Improve Child Outcomes Associated With Adverse Childhood Experiences (July 2019 Newsletter)

Advancing a Multidimensional, Developmental Spectrum Approach to Preschool Disruptive Behavior. (August 2019 Newsletter) 

Addressing Inequities in Child Health and Development: Towards Social Justice (August 2019 Newsletter) 

Resources and Projects by TWGs and Members

Next Steps in Family-Focused Screening to Address Social Determinants of Health for Young Children in Pediatric Primary Care (below documents complement this report)
Full SDOH Appendix
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Family Engagement Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT)

EnRICH Webinar: Family Engagement in MCH Research: Opportunities and Challenges - YouTube Link

EnRICH Webinar: Measuring Family Engagement in MCH Research: Opportunities and Challenges - Dr. Bethell's Slides

EnRICH Webinar: Introducing the MCH Measurement Research Network

Embodiment Conference Resource Packet: We Are the Medicine

MCH Compendium Resources

MCH Compendium Organization